Conor Mcgregor Drops In On Superfan’s After Seeing A Cardboard Cutout Of Himself In His Window

Conor McGregor is, hands down, the most famous, respected and best-loved fighter in the UFC. And with good reason. He’s a great athlete, he’s funny, does weird things like breaking punching machine records and he’s good with his fans. And we can see proof of that last one right here when he gives a superfan a huge surprise and really makes the dude’s day/week/month/year.

On his drive to the gym he spots a big ol’ Irish flag and a cardboard cut-out of himself at an apartment window. The guy who lives in the apartment sees McGregor in his car and shouts out some love for him. The Notorious responds and says he’ll drop round the next day.

It’s not just hot air, though. Tomorrow comes and Conor’s there. The guy’s clearly stoked and proves himself to be a massive fan. The meeting’s great to see. There’s a lot of love. What a dude Conor McGregor is. Here’s hoping he smashes Nate Diaz on Saturday (which he no doubt will).

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