Conor McGregor KNOCKS OUT Jose Aldo In 13 Seconds At UFC 194


Until last night, there had only ever been one UFC featherweight champion. Champ for five years, Jose Aldo went undefeated for a full decade. ‘Unbeatable’ people called him. And he was. Until he walked in the first punch of the headline bout of UFC 194. Conor McGregor‘s left hook, just a few seconds into the fight changed all that. It was one of the most explosive starts to a sporting event ever.

It took just thirteen seconds for the trash-talking Irishman to put an end to the fight and Aldo’s years-long dominance of the division. It had been a tense lead-up to the fight, with McGregor insulting and disrespecting the usually calm and quiet figure of Aldo, presumably to try and get into his head. And it might just have worked.

The reaction from Aldo’s corner was priceless

Aldo has since demanded an immediate rematch, but while McGregor hasn’t dismissed the idea entirely out of hand, there is some suggestion that he might try and avoid the dangerous second fight. If it does happen though, it could well coincide with the Ronda Rousey Vs. Holly Holm rematch next summer.

Here’s the stunning ‘fight’:

And now for Conor McGregors Thug Life moment