Cop Vs. Cop! Officer Turns On Fellow Cop Who’s Harassing An Innocent Citizen

Cops have had a bad rap recently, and it ain’t hard to see why after recent incidents where officers have run roughshod over the Constitution and done pretty much whatever the hell they please. It was only recently, for example, that the internet was in uproar when footage emerged of a cop taking down a fourteen year old at a pool party in a stupidly heavy-handed way. Cops are supposed to uphold the law, after all, and it’s sometimes difficult to have respect for them when so many officers seem to think they are above that law. In this video, we see one such cop. He’s doing pretty much whatever he wants when he apprehends a citizen just going about his business. No surprise there then. We’ve almost come to expect this kind of behavior. What is surprising is when another cop shows up and gets out of his car. Instead of ganging up with the other cop against the innocent citizen, this cop does something different. He’s sworn to uphold the US Constitution, and as far as he’s concerned, that’s more important than what a colleague thinks of him. He’s here to uphold the law, which makes a refreshing change. Check out this footage of a cop doing the right thing. It turns out there are some good guys out there after all. It’s just a shame there aren’t a whole lot more of them.