Watch Is What Happens When A Crocodile Bites Into An Electric Eel

In the following video, a fisherman has a rather novel way of catching a crocodile. He hooks up a live electric eel to a fishing line and dangles it half out of the water. Then he waits for a crocodile to show up. When one does, it doesn’t take long for it to take an interest in the eel. After all, what is a crocodile to do when it comes across a free meal that’s just sitting there? What happens next is, well, shocking in both senses of the word. The crocodile has no idea what’s about to happen. Mind you, why would it?


The electric eel is the only species of electric fish in the world. Their sleek bodies are capable of generating up to 860 volts of electricty. They use this ability for self-defense, to hunt and to communicate with other eels. Obviously, their self-defense capabilities are somewhat compromised if they are attached to a fishing hook by a grinning man in a baseball cap who’s trying to catch a crocodile for his dinner.

Still, them’s the breaks.