Watch David Blaine Take a HUGE Punch In The Gut By Kimbo Slice!

There’s an old magic trick that we don’t see very much anymore. Partly due to insurance reasons we’re sure. And maybe a little bit of lily-liveredness on the part of the illusionists. The Gut Punch Trick. A huge punch to the stomach, shrugged off as if it never happened. But David Blaine‘s never one to follow the trends – he’s taking on the trick. But not with a pal. Or even an amateur boxer…

He’s asked backyard fight star and former UFC fighter Kimbo Slice to sock him. Yeah. He’s THAT confident his trick will work, leaving him unhurt.

He wants to watch out, though. It’s said that it’s this very trick that killed the world’s most all-time famous magician – Harry Houdini.

Who’s volunteer to get punched in the stomach by Kimbo Slice? This is CRAZINESS. Check it out!