Man Has 18 Inch Vegetable Removed From His Butt After Carving It Into ‘Love Toy’

San Juan de Dios Hospital in San Jose, Costa Rica. A 55 year-old man was admitted to hospital for emergency surgery after a solo s*x game went wrong. The 55 year-old man had accidentally lodged an 18-inch yucca root inside himself. The man had wrapped the vegetable in condoms but after the entire thing slipped inside his butt, he rushed himself to hospital. And it’s a good job he did. The surgery saved his life.

The cassava root had been specifically carved to resemble a love toy, but at a foot and a half long – the thing was big enough to caused damage to the man’s anal cavity and lower intestine.

Doctors spent more than an hour removing the vegetable. And then had to perform some reconstructive internal surgery. The unnamed Costa Rican is now out of surgery and thought to be making a full recovery.