Ambitious Driver Attempts To Jump 4 Meter Gap In Bridge; Fails Miserably

Bruiniss, Netherlands. A 56 year-old driver attempts a stunning jump over a gap in a closing bridge that makes us think that he may have been watching too many Bond or Fast & Furious movies of late. The space is easily three or four meters when he speeds up, somehow thinking that he’s going to make it. Ambitious? Sure. Stupid? Definitely.

Hey, look – if he’d have pulled it off he’d have been a true hero, right? We’d happily have awarded the guy Lifetime Thug status. But victory is determined by the slimmest¬†of¬†margins and unfortunately for this risk-taking Dutch driver, he very much failed. Unless he meant to miss and smash his car up, leaving it sinking to the bottom of the river…

The dude was fine, he just bruised a few ribs. And probably his ego. Watch what happened: