Amazing Video Shows You ‘El Chapo’s Prison Break Tunnel!

You may have heard about how Mexico’s biggest drug lord and criminal Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán recently managed to break out of El Altiplano, a maximum security penitentiary. It was the second time the famed crim has busted his way out of jail. But this time he pulled off the most audacious and elaborate plan ever…

And now a video has emerged showing the incredible 4,921ft tunnel that was burrowed for El Chapo. Incredibly, you can follow the tunnel as it worms its way from Guzmán’s cell down for some 30-odd feet and then across for almost 5,000ft until it pops back up in an old abandoned house near the jail.

The tunnel wasn’t just a hole in the dirt, either – it was fully kitted out with a PVC pipe-based ventilation system, full lighting and even a motorized bike!

Take a look for yourself: