This Monster Electric Gatling Gun Fires Out an INSANE 2,000 Rounds Per Minute!

You know that the US military has some pretty badass weapons. There’s no way that Uncle Sam’s going out onto the field of battle without a serious arsenal of weaponry. And while there are plenty of cool tanks and cheating bits of kits like drones and all that, it’s good fashioned guns that still impress the most.

Like what? Well, like the electrically-powered Gatling gun called the ‘GECAL 50’. This thing unleashes .50 BMG (12.7×99mm) cartridges at an almost unbelievable rate of over 2,000 rounds a minute…

This thing can be mounted on top of a Humvee or similar vehicle and packs an impressive punch. Just check out how insanely quick these shells are spilling out all over the place!