Is This Guy Paul Walker’s Replacement For Fast And Furious 8?


For sheer adrenaline pumping and hard drifting action, there’s no better movie franchise than the Fast & Furious movies. Vin Diesel, The Rock, Michelle Rodriguez and, of course, the legend that is Paul Walker. But with Paul not being with us anymore, surely any future flicks would have to exist without the character of Brian O’Connor, right? Well, maybe not. Producers are considering re-casting for the role. And may have found someone…

Tanner Foust. He’s a a professional racing driver, a stunt driver, and even a TV host. So he’s certainly got the skills for the job. But he’s not an actor. Some people are saying he’s perfect for the role. But plenty of other people are claiming that i’s disrespectful to Paul Walker’s memory and his character should be retired.

We can see both sides of the story…

Fast and Furious 8

Could this be the new star? Here’s what Foust looks like:

Fast and Furious 8

The dude can certainly drive…

Watch this space.