Could This Be The HOTTEST MMA Weigh-In Of All Time…???

No one can accuse us – or any other website or media outlet – of not taking women’s MMA seriously enough. We respect it. We bring you the latest fights and highlights and it’s big business. But there’s no harm in occasionally taking a step back and admiring a little bit of beauty every now and again, is there? We don’t think so.

So that brings us one to the small matter of a weigh-in from a little while back now that saw blonde bombshell Felice Herrig take on Nicdali Calanoc. And the two of them squaring up? Well, it was quite a sight…

See what we mean?

Felice Herrig

You ready? Hope you’re sitting down…

And here’s Herrig’s latest weigh-in… Which is just as nice: