Female Powerlifter Suffers From Hugely Awkward Bodily Malfunction During Lift

Sports can be dangerous, can’t they? MMA obviously being pretty high up on the list. Soccer, though – that can land you in trouble. As can ice hockey and baseball. But it’s the sports that really put your body through the wringer that can really prove tricky. Things like deadlifting. And we’ve got the proof for you right here. A female powerlifter shows just what can happen to you mid-lift. And it sure ain’t pretty!

‘BlondeBeautyBri’ as she’s known on Instagram was competing at an event called the Raw Unity Powerlifting Championships. During which she attempted (successfully) a big lift. But her body let her down. Peeing and pooping happens in lifting like this. But Bri came up with a new one – she projectile vomited!

After his weird little preparatory ‘chicken dance’, she starts her lift. but just seconds in… BLEURGH! She pukes up EVERYWHERE. Check it out:


And, wouldn’t you know it… It didn’t take the internet long to react. Memes followed, with this being an early favorite:



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