Jail For Female Teacher Who Groomed Boy Since He Was 13; Had 6 Month ‘Relationship’ With Him

A female teacher who entered into a sexual relationship with one of her 16 year-old students faces jail after a court heard that she had been in a six-month relationship with the young schoolboy. 27 year-old Lauren Cox taught the teenager in a school in South London before grooming him and persuading him to have sexual relations with her.

She turned up at Croydon Crown Court where she went on to admit to five charges of what the courts called ‘sexual activity with a boy aged between 13 and 17 while in a position of trust.’

The police officer in charge of investigating the case, PC Laura Davies of The Sexual Offences, Exploitation and Child Abuse Command Unit said this of the case: ‘Cox abused her position of trust as a teacher and groomed the boy which went on to sexual abuse. The abuse has had an extremely adverse effect on the boy with his studies suffering as a result.’

Teacher Student Relationship (1)

Davies went on: ‘Cox never once admitted the offences during police interview. She has now admitted the offences today but only because of the wealth of evidence against her.’

‘Cox displayed dismissive arrogance to the seriousness of the allegations against her. It’s most concerning that she showed no remorse – as professionals, teachers have a specific duty of care to young people and this was abused.’ 

Teacher Student Relationship (1)

Cox was granted bail by the court on the expressed condition that she is not to contact the victim or visit the school.