Here’s What Happens When Fire Sealing A Tire Backfires BADLY

What do you do if you’re driving along and there’s something up with your tire or wheel? You pull over and take a look at it, don’t you? Sure. So what if you’ve done that and it looks as though the tire has come off the rim and needs to get right back on there?¬†Yup – us neither. We didn’t have a clue until we heard of this clever little motoring hack. It’s a redneck tip that’s actually pretty smart. Provided it doesn’t backfire on you.

The guy in this video here is showing us how it works on an old busted up truck for demonstration purposes only. All you need is a can of something flammable and a lighter…

He shows us exactly what to do. Well, maybe not exactly. You see, there’s little need to blow yourself up in the process. A face full of fire isn’t actually all that useful. Check it out: