FPSRussia Blows Up Truck By Shooting It With High-Powered Rifle; Very Nearly Dies

Dimitri Potapoff‘, aka Kyle Myers, also goes by another name – ‘FPSRussia‘. You might have seen one of his videos online before. He likes to review and showcase weapons on his farm in Georgia. But without doubt the craziest video him and his team ever filmed was the one we’ve got for you here. With a particularly high-powered rifle, Myers shoots a truck’s gas tank and blows the vehicle up. But him and his team are stood FAR too close…

As he nails the bullet into the truck, the thing explodes in spectacular fashion. In fact, it’s a lot more spectacular than any of them thought it might be. When you see what happens, you’ll wonder how they survived it.

This is one mean piece he’s dealing with here, but it’s the total lack of Health & Safety here that gets us. The flying shrapnel is just crazy. Congratulations on nearly dying, guys… See what happened right here: