Giant Gabi Garcia Destroys Another Opponent; Says She Could Fight A Man Next

It was the first round of her latest Rizin FF fight in Japan and Brazilian fighter Gabi Garcia had already pinned her opponent to the ground. A few moves and seconds later and she would be 3-0. The 6’2″ brawler outshines, outsizes and outclasses all the women put in her path and now? Well, there are no more more women in her path…

Destanie Yarborough, the footballer-turned-fighter is good too. Some people were backing her to beat her bigger opponent. But Garcia, a jiu-jitsu black belt, submitted her with ease. And now she’s talking about taking on a fight in her next fight.

What are the ethics behind it? Well, we’re not sure exactly. Maybe some dudes wouldn’t want to fight her. After all, there’s not much to win, but everything to lose – reputation-wise – from fighting Garcia.


She’s a monster. Watch her take down her very capable opponent with ease here: