Unbeaten Gennady Golovkin Takes On An Unbeaten Fighter This Weekend But GGG Is A BEAST


Unbeaten middleweight boxer Gennady Golovkin takes on Brit fighter Kell Brook in London on Saturday night for what will surely be his toughest test yet. But talking of tough… The Kazahstani scrapper is about as tough as they come. In fact, many call him the most dangerous fighter out there.

“Outside the ring I’m Gennady but when I get in I am Triple G. I become a totally different guy. I don’t know how I switch but I understand my job, I understand the situation and I understand my business.” That’s what he says. He talks the talk and he walks the walk. His body shots are just devastating.

Brook will be stepping up two weight divisions, from welterweight to middle, but he’s still a tough opponent. He may be 5/1 for the fight, but Brook is also unbeaten and he’s fought some tough cookies in his time.


Here’s more from GGG: “It is time for what? For fighting. It’s just my work time so I am there, 100 percent focused on my opponent. I know what I have to do, to do my job. Now I am ready for Kell Brook and, because it is my first time here, I really want to put on a show.”

GGG. Permanently in Beast Mode. Check out some of the best Gennady Golovkin highlights here:

GGG is up against a tough dude, though. Here are some of Kell Brook’s top KOs…