Go FULL NINJA With The Most Acrobatic MMA Training Session You’ve Ever Seen!


Giga Uguru calls himself a ‘sports model’, but from the serious showcase of skills he’s able to demonstrate, we’d say that the man’s got more than enough talent to go professional in the world of MMA. London-based Uguru has released a mixed martial arts training video online and it’s seriously impressive. The kicks, speed, punches… He can move, there’s no doubt about it. Just watch. He’s got real issues with that poor training dummy!

The acrobatics on show are like nothing we’ve seen before. You rarely see such audacious high-flying moves like this. Alright, so in the ring? Maybe flashy turns like this might go wrong. And Uguru might find that soon enough his face isn’t quite as pretty as it once was. But still. We’re impressed.

Luckily for him, his opponent here doesn’t have much in his locker…