Girl Tries To Pour ACID On Her Ex; Ends Up Throwing It Over Herself

Love can do crazy things to people, can’t it? But about as insane a thing as we’ve ever heard has just emerged from the Asian country of Cambodia. A young couple split. Leng Socheata broke up with his fiance Phnom Penh after things weren’t going all that well. She tried to get things back on track, but he wasn’t interested. So she got mad. REALLY mad…

And Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, right? And scorned Phnom was. But instead of sleeping with his best friend or cutting up his shirts or something, she lost her damn mind. She decided to throw ACID in the poor guy’s face. Only her plan backfired. And we mean BADLY.

Her plan? The two were due to go on a motorcycle ride together – as friends – a few days after the split. As he Leng rode, Phnom was going to throw acid at him. Only, guess what? You know how physics works right? Well, Phnom doesn’t (or at least didn’t…). It missed and flew back into her own face. Burning her.