Girl Rams 34 Inch Balloon Down Her Throat As INSANE Party Trick


Sometimes you see something so strange you just don’t know how to process what it is you’ve seen. Like the first time you saw Donald Trump‘s hair, for instance. Unsettling, strangely fascinating. WEIRD. Well, we’ve got something just as insane for you here…

Hey, maybe it’s a party, we don’t know. Whatever it is, this girl here is determined to break a world record. A weird world record. One her parents might not be too happy about. She’s going to open her throat and swallow a full 34 inches of balloon!¬†Yep, you read that right.

We dunno. It’s weirdly impressive. And disgusting. We might love her, but we’re scared of her too…

Swallow Balloon

It’s odd, it’s scary, it’s slightly arousing. Witness it here in all its full glory: