New Research Proves 3 Out Of 4 Women Look Hotter While Carrying A Weapon – Here’s PROOF!


Ah, women. To a lot of guys, there’s nothing better. No greater sight. To a lot of other fellas, well, sure. Girls are fine. But GUNS are more their thing. Well, we don’t believe in limiting yourself here at Thug Life Videos. We believe in having you girl/gun cake and eating it.

The dudes over at Exotic Firearms are saying that they’ve read some new research which suggests that three out of every four women looks certifiably hotter with a weapon of some kind. And they’ve very nicely decided to prove it for us all.

And we have to say – having watched this tantalizing clip a few hundred times that we tend to agree…

Girls with Guns

Anyway, that’s enough talk. Let’s get down to brass tacks, shall we? Here’s the clip: