Dude’s Attempt to Ride A Skateboard Made of Glass Ends BADLY

Skateboarding. Plenty of people love it. Plenty of others think it’s just a hobby for a kid in baggy pants. But there are millions of adults that take it very seriously indeed. Just ask the guys at Braille Skateboarding.

These dudes have made it their mission to point the spotlight on skateboarding and help amateurs get noticed. They also like to have fun with it. One of the coolest things they do? Make skateboards out of ANYTHING. It’s their ‘You Make It We Skate It’ thing.

They’ve made boards out of flat screen TVs and saw blades and all sorts. But the riskiest one? A sheet of glass. A glass skateboard sounds like a dangerous idea, right? Right.


Stay watching. It’s around the 7:30 mark that things start to go wrong…