One Less Scumbag To Worry About – Son Saves Family From Gunman In Grocery Store Shootout

When Usman Seth turned up for work at his dad’s convenience store a couple of years back, little did he know that in just a few short hours he would be engaging in a shootout with a masked armed robber.

Friday 12th September 2014. Usman is sat with his father at the family’s convenience store in Houston, Texas, whilst his sister serves at the till. All of a sudden, a masked man bursts into the store and points a shotgun at the girl behind the counter. Twenty year old Usman knew that he needed to act in order to save his sister, so he took his father’s 9mm Smith & Wesson handgun and opened fire on the robber.

Usman hit the man in the leg, but fire was returned, and a full blown gun battle ensued. Eventually, Usman managed to disarm the man, and the emergency services were called. Unfortunately for him, the unnamed man died at the scene.

Check out footage of the shootout, as well as Usman’s thoughts on the incident, below: