He’s Asking People To Pay Him To NOT Vote For Trump… How People React? DAMN!


Ryan Hamilton is the man behind the popular YouTube account HammyTV. His latest video sees him posing the question, ‘would people pay him a dollar not to vote for Donald Trump at the upcoming US Presidential election?’ And so he puts it to the test. And gets a very definiteĀ and immediate answer… Yup! You betcha.

Now we ain’t taking sides here. We think Trump is a pretty badĀ dude. Allegations of sexism and racism don’t make us warm to him very much. But then Hillary Clinton isn’t much better. A proven liar with a shady track record. But it looks as though most people hate Trump more. And we can kinda understand it.

While Hammy’s out there testing his idea he stumbles across a homeless lady who offers him one of her last two cigarettes, so he strikes upon an idea…


Here’s what went down… Be sure to stick around until the end.