Here’s Why You Don’t Try To High Five Dirt Bike Riders in Mid-Air!

High fives. They’re an acceptable greeting, right? Especially among bros and frat boys. And hey, we’re all guilty of slapping a little skin from time to time, aren’t we? Especially after a few beers. But there’s a time and a place for the high five. Midnight in a dive bar with your buddies. That’s the time and place. A dirt bike track with motorbikes flying at you at 50mph, is not the place.

Sounds pretty obvious, right? Well, someone forgot to tell this simple-minded fella that trying to high five dirt bike riders post ramp while not looking is a bit of a stupid thing to do. What’s he thinking? We don’t know. He could be thinking about anything… Fritos, elephants, the new season of True Detective, who knows? All we know for certain is that he’s definitely NOT thinking about how dangerous trying to high five a dirt bike rider in mid-air is.