25 Years On Macauley Culkin Proves How Home Alone Forced Him Into The Thug Life


Ever wondered what became of the kid in Home Alone? We don’t mean Macauley Culkin, we mean little Kevin McAllister, the character he plays. You’ve got to imagine that two Christmasses abandioned, both fighting off dangerous criminals intent on killing you will take their toll mentally, huh? Well, you couldn’t be more right. You’re about to find out in this new sketch…

The hilarious skit is episode one of ‘:DRYVRS‘, a new web series from ex-Moldy Peaches musician Jack Dishel. It sees the 35 year-old McAllister as a chain-smoking whackjob who hates his family, but enjoys violence. He explains why he’s so messed up too:

‘How about this…? It’s Christmas time. It’s f*cking Christmas and your whole family goes on vacation and they forget their 8-year-old f*cking son…’

Merry Christmas, ya’ filthy animals!