Houston ‘Cop Of The Year’ Caught Dealing Coke For Los Zetas Drug Cartel

Houston, Texas. A police officer – once awarded the prestigious title of ‘Cop of the Year’ – has been arrested on suspicion of being a part of the notorious ‘Los Zetas’ Mexican drug cartel. Officer Noe Juarez was arrested on Tuesday of last week at the police station he works at by a taskforce containing FBI, DEA and HPD officers.

He’s been indicted on a wide range of federal charges, including what they call ‘conspiracy’ to distribute. In this case it’s over five or more kilos of cocaine.

If he’s found guilty, Juarez might well find himself facing a life sentence. Not only that but he could even receive a $10 million fine… He is scheduled for a bail hearing this week.

Houston Cops

Noe Juarez’s defense attorney George Murphy says that the charges are weak and won’t stick…

“All they’re doing is saying he’s done these things, and they haven’t put any meat on the bones. This is the most bare-boned indictment I’ve seen in a long time.”

Houston Cops

Juarez is just small fry in the grand scale of things, but – if found guilty – it’s a worrying peek into the many-tentacled world of the Mexican drug cartels. Just how far does their influence run? How many cops are on their books? And other officials? It’s a worrying thought…