HUGE Huntsman Spider Catches And Carries Off MOUSE Using Its Fangs

How do you feel about spiders? If you’re not a big fan or suspect you may suffer for a touch of the ol’ arachnophobia, then we suggest you stop reading this. Only a video involving an enormous huntsman spider in Australia is not for you. Especially when it’s so big and tough it can catch and eat a MOUSE!

The clip was first uploaded onto the Aussie Off Roaders Facebook page, along with the very understandable caption: “Huntsman eating a mouse… Probably a good time to burn the house.. Because Australia.”

The Aussie guy filming can be heard commentating the short clip. “What’s he gonna do with him?” He asks at one point. “Man, that is so cool!” He mate replies. STREWTH!


Nope… Nope! NOPE!!!