Roasting a Room Full Of Convicts Is NOT a Good Idea!


There aren’t many things funnier in the world than a well thought out and executed stand-up comedy routine. Whether it’s Martin Lawrence up on stage or Chris Tucker giving us one of his routines, we’re a sucker for some smart jokes. Hell, we’ll even laugh at ‘yo mama!’ gags

And it takes a lot of bravery to get up there and deliver a set like these guys. But never before has a set of cojones been needed the size of Jeff Ross’. In this comedy routine, he has the unenviable task of delivering a roast to a room full of female prisoners!

Now, we all know that prison is tough. You get beatings in jail, there’s drugs coming and going and people breaking out and all sorts. These people are TOUGH. So you’ve got to hand it to Ross here – he handles this sticky situation brilliantly!

Check it out: