From Normal Teen To ‘The Beast’, This Guy Turned His Life Around After Jail…

31 year-old Jens Dalsgaard is a Danish bodybuilder known as ‘The Beast’ who is as famous in his homeland for his enormous size as he is for his intimidating collection of tattoos. But the iron-pumping Dalsgaard, while a rage-fuelled beast by his own admission, is now more of a pussycat after being reformed in prison.

He may only stand 5 foot 10 inches tall, but The Beast has an impressively huge chest size of 55″ and an arm circumference of almost 24″. He’s a staggering 275lbs of pure muscle.

He was a happy lad up until the age of ten, when his mother passed away and he took a bad path to lawlessness and petty crime.

Jens Dalsgaard

He now runs his own online coaching company ‘State of Mind – Fitness and Bodybuilding’, but he wasn’t always big…

Jens Dalsgaard

He says about what first attracted him to the size and shape he wanted to achieve:

“When I watched cartoons, I always preferred the villains rather than the heroes and I loved the baddies’ big muscly physiques. When I started my bodybuilding transformation two years ago, my muscles just grew bigger and bigger and people on the internet started calling me ‘Jens the Beast’ and that nickname just stuck.”

Jens Dalsgaard

But soon, things went wrong and Jens found himself in trouble with the law and doing jail time. But pretty soon he got his life back on track…

“I lost myself and ended up in prison. But when I was in jail, I was offered some cognitive behavioral therapy. The therapy changed my life and the way that I thought. It made me want to help others to become stronger, fitter and more balanced version of themselves.”

Jens Dalsgaard

Here’s a short interview with The Beast. Find out what motivates him right here: