Jim Carrey’s Vanilla Ice Skit – One Of TV’s FUNNIEST Ever Moments!

In the early 1990’s, one of the best things on TV was In Living Color. The comedy sketch show ran for five seasons and was created by Daman, Keenen and Marlon Wayans. It’s mostly notable for being the first comedy show to actually star and talk about the funny side of ghetto life in America.

It’s also notable for launching the career of Ace Ventura and Truman Show star Jim Carrey. He might be a big time A-List Hollywood star now, but back then he was just an aspiring comedian. But still a damn funny one!

And there’s no better proof of just how great the show was or how funny Jim and the crew were in it that this skit. In it, the Dumb & Dumber star is Vanilla Ice. And he’s more Vanilla Ice than Vanilla Ice ever was!

Word to your mother…