Jon Stewart’s New Career? Watch Him Help Seth Rollins Defeat John Cena At WWE SummerSlam!


WWE wrestling has seen some bizarre events in its time, with old wrestlers coming back unexpectedly, managers stepping into the ring to help out, car doors getting tossed into crowds and even rappers like Machine Gun Kelly getting thrown through a table. But we never thought we’d see anything like this…

Seth Rollins took John Cena’s WWE US championship title from him at SummerSlam 2015 in Brooklyn, New York, at the weekend. And he did so because Jon Stewart helped him out! The former Daily Show host came into the ring with a chair and hit John Cena with it…

The comedian was at the event as host and has famously had beef with Seth Rollins before, making his decision all the more strange. Exactly what Stewart’s motivations were is unclear but it’s pretty weird… Maybe WWE’s gonna provide him with his new career?!


See what went down: