This Super Shotgun Slug Will Pierce ANYTHING!

We’ve seen some pretty epic firearms and guns and weapons in our time here. Like the steampunk Gatling gun. Or this rocket-propelled grenade… Damn, we’ve even witnessed .950 caliber bullets ferchrissakes! But we’ve never really explored the world of the shotgun and the shotgun slug

Shotgun slugs are usually used for hunting and are typically far bigger than your average round. For example, one regular 30-06 rifle bullet, will weigh in at around 150 grains/10g. The lightest common 12 gauge shotgun slug (the 7/8-oz slug) though is coming in at around 383 grains or/25g.

Custom-built shotgun slugs are what we’re looking at here and we think we’ve found the scariest, most intimidating round of all time! Called ‘The Juicer’ due to its appearance (it looks kinda like a hand fruit juicer…) – this bad boy can pierce anything (when it’s shot on target). Check it out!