Justin Bieber Gets Into Brawl With Much Bigger Dude; Ends Badly For Him

Cleveland, Ohio. It’s game 3 of the NBA Finals and none other than Justin Bieber is in attendance. But Justin Bieber is no longer the Justin Bieber we used to know (and hate). He was a snot-nosed little kid. Then a wannabe gangster. Now he’s a smooth and sensitive pop star. Well, that’s what his people want you to think… He still thinks he’s a tough guy, though.

But he ain’t. And we’ve the video evidence to prove it. In the clip, he gets into a fight with some dude that’s a lot bigger than him. After sucker-punching the guy, Bieber soon starts to find himself on the receiving end and losing the brawl.

The footage, obtained by TMZ is going viral right now and it’s not hard to see why. It’s been years now that we’ve been praying for this punk to get some and now he has. You’re gonna enjoy watching this, we just know it…