Key & Peele Take On Deal Or No Deal In One Of The Funniest Skits Ever!

Ty and Karl have somehow managed to get on to Deal Or No Deal with Howie Mandell. These two hoodrat jokers are taking a million or nothing. It’s an aggressive strategy. And a stupid one. Still, luckily – this isn’t the real Deal Or No Deal. This is a sketch from MadTV’s back when it was on Fox…

And when we tell you that Ty and Karl are played by Key & Peele – you know it’s gonna be funny. And it is. This is one our favourite all-time MadTV skits. We love Michael McDonald as the host Howie too.

We’ve brought you some brilliant Key & Peele routines here before. Like this one. But, for our dollar – this is the stand-out funniest we remember.