Dude Comes At Pro MMA Fighter ‘Level’ Martinez With a Bottle; Instantly Regrets It


Rene “Level” Martinez. He’s a man you don’t mess with. Even professional fighters don’t really want to mess with him. He’s a harda*s Cuban who comes from the streets and is now a pro MMA fighter. He came out of Dada 5000’s Miami backyard fighting promotion and he’s as fast as he is strong. Knocking people out has been his thing since he can remember.

So it’s probably not the smartest decision to try and start sh* t with him, is it? No. Well, some people will only learn by their mistakes. Like the guy in the video below. For whatever reason (maybe he’s crazy?!) he decides he wants to fight Level. But not officially. He just goes up to him in a tattoo parlor with a bottle. Big mistake.

We think you can guess what happens next. It ain’t pretty, but it was was always going to happen…

And here’s the man at work in – and out of – the ring: