Self-Made Millionaire Calls Out Rapper On Instagram For THIS Embarrassing Reason…

A bizarre online spat has erupted between rapper and actor Lil Bow Wow and self-made millionaire Timothy Sykes. It’s all down to Bow Wow’s ‘borrowing’ of a picture of Sykes’ cash and trying to pass it off as his own. It looks as though the rapper was trying to show off how much money he has, but it’s backfired on him pretty badly, in all honesty. And turned into all-out Instagram WAR.

There’s not much class here in this flexin’ beef. It’s not all that cool to brag about money with pictures anyway, but to fake it? That’s pretty shameful.

Here’s the post that’s caused all the fuss, from Lil Bow Wow:

You can quite clearly see that it’s stolen from this, from Sykes (note the date):

The millionaire’s even gone one better and shown the two pictures side by side in another Instagram post to shame the rapper:

Which then prompted LBW to try and hit back with his own cash in a shot. But he clearly doesn’t have all that much:

Sykes then put an end to it with this crushing blow:

Damn rich people.