Australia’s Unluckiest Dude Gets Bitten ‘Down There’ By Venomous Spider For A SECOND Time!

Back in April, 21 year-old Jordan from Sydney, Australia, made the news. He was using the ‘dunny’ (toilet) and was bitten on the p*nis by a redback spider. Damn! Painful… But the craziest thing? It’s happened to him again! He’s since been dubbed ‘Australia’s unluckiest man’.

Just months after a redback crawled up out of a crevice in a port-a-potty at his workplace and bit him on the end of his Johnson, causes swelling, pain and irritation, it’s happened all over again…

“There was a little crevice under the bowl and you couldn’t lift anything to check. I’ve checked ever toilet since it happened. It’s the first time I’ve used a port-a-loo since it happened the first time.”The spider got a better shot on it this time. It’s redder,a bit more swollen and hurts a bit more. I got tetanus and anti-venom yesterday. Everyone recognized me and called me the unluckiest man in Australia.”


This isn’t a joke. This sh*t happens. Seriously. It’s why you’d NEVER catch us even thinking of going to Australia… Look at this clip – a damn HUNTSMAN SPIDER casually hiding in the toilet. Crazy!