Man Discovers That His Wife Is A Prostitute After Seeing Her Arrested Live On Television!


A man in Russia found out that his wife was working as a prostitute, after watching her being arrested live on TV during a raid on a brothel. Igor Alexeev was at home watching the news when he witnessed his wife of 8 years being taken away by police after a raid on the premises in the country’s Republic of Bashkortostan.

After watching the report, the man Googled his wife’s name, to discover that she was advertising a whole series of services across various websites, including a ‘full night of love’ for $250.

man discovers wife is prostitute

Since the bust, Igor and the woman, Maria Alexeev, have since separated, and he has gained custody of the couple’s six year old daughter. He is also going to court to try to prevent his wife from ever seeing their daughter again. He claims that she should not have to grow up with the shame of having a mother who works as a prostitute. Maria claims that the family were not earning enough money on her husband’s wage.

In the meantime, Maria faces charges relating to the arrest.