Dude Chugs Down Pineapple Vodka Cruisers. Guess What Happens Next

In this hilarious video, this young guy decides he’s going to chug his way through six pineapple vodka cruisers in the quickest time he can. He starts off confident, all full of swagger and bravado; but it ain’t long until that initial confidence begins to wain. After all, that’s a LOT of pineapple cruiser the young dude’s decided to chug down in such a short space of time. All that gassy booze can seriously mess with a young man’s digestive system, especially when it’s hitting his body as quickly as this.

So, what happens when he downs that final cruiser? A victory dance, perhaps? A pat on the back from his buddies? Well … not quite. Check out the video to find out what happens when you decide to drink six pineapple vodka cruisers in two minutes flat.