Idiot Picks Fight With Anteater; Regrets His Decision Almost Immediately


Sometimes we find a video that we just can’t explain. Like this one we’ve got for you here. Alright, we can explain it. Technically. It’s pretty simple, actually – a man fights an anteater. What we can’t explain, though, is how this came to happen. What was his motivation here?

Whatever was going through his head, he soon wishes he hadn’t have got involved. The human isn’t on top in the fight for very long and he’s quickly out of his depth. Soon, the long-nosed animal attacks and there’s only going to be one winner.

The cut looks pretty nasty, actually. So, hey – you’ve learned something here today. ‘Don’t fight an anteater‘. But then you knew not to do that anyway, didn’t you? Of course you did.

Anteater Fight

Here he is. An early contender for Idiot of the Year