This Fitness Instructor Calls Overweight People “Repulsive.” Has He Overstepped The Mark?

    This is John Burke, a narcissistic man with anger issues
    internet fitness instructor, motivational speaker and former Army veteran. Burke has a YouTube channel where he uploads motivational videos for us flabby types wanting to shift a few pounds. In his latest controversial video, Burke utilizes the stick more than the carrot, and it’s got people talking.

    In the video, Burke gets incredibly angry about overweight people, calling them “repulsive,” “disgusting,” “lack[ing] self-discipline,” and “lazy”. Boy, he does not like fat people. They sicken him. He’s not going to accept you for who you are, you fat disgusting mess (unless it’s glandular – he’s not an animal, y’know). No. He only accepts slender people, preferably with sculpted abs.

    Watch the video below and let us know what you think. Has he gone too far, or is he absolutely correct?