Dude High On Meth – And Wearing No Clothes – Goes On CRAZY Rampage In Diner

We’ve all had bad trips to the diner, haven’t we? You get there, look at the menu and go to order. But they’ve run out of pancakes. Or the coffee’s horrible. Sure. But very few of us have ever had a bad trip actually IN a diner before, have we? But the guy you’re about to meet has. Well, okay, you’re not actually about to *meet* him. Just watch him. And you should be pretty glad of that.

He pitches up to a cafe, somewhere in Eastern Europe totally without clothes. And not by accident. It soon becomes clear that this guy is not right in the head. Something is up. He’s off his head on drugs, probably meth. And he is going CRAZY (obviously, he’s in a diner without a stitch on…).

Drugs are bad. We all know this. But this dude is intent on proving it to us all. Have a look and learn from his mistakes. A few beers are more than enough…