Fearless Grandad Tackles Armed Robber After He Threatened His Wife With A Gun

Norwich, England. A 48 year-old grandfather is sat in his car waiting for his wife to return from paying for fuel at a gas station. When she does, she’s visibly distressed. And no wonder – an armed robber had just pointed a gun at her. Without thinking, Darren Baker ran into the store where the armed robbery was in progress and attacked the man. Despite the gun. He worked the man over, got him in a headlock and waited for police to arrive.

The weapon turned out to be an imitation firearm luckily, but Baker wasn’t to know that. “I looked at him, looked at the gun, and just rushed at him to disarm him,” he later said.

Store manager Mike Sherwood said he had already thanked Mr Baker sincerely for his heroic actions during the robbery. “I’ve thanked him personally and ‘thank-you’ is such a small word, but I meant it very sincerely. He is brilliant,” he said.

Stephen Lawrence was jailed for eleven years for attempted robbery. Here’s footage of the incredible incident: