How Many Rounds Can An AR-15 Fire Before Something Bad Happens? Find Out!

Armalite rifles are capable of a lot. Fully automatic weapons are durable and can take a pounding. But, like everything in life, they’ve got a limit as to how far you can push them. But what is that limit? When does an AR-15, say, start misbehaving and becoming dangerous to use? Well,¬†Eric from Moss Pawn & Gun decided he’d like to find out. At some personal risk…

After all, firing automatic rifles over and over and over again until it becomes sluggish and overheated and rounds potentially start exploding prematurely is not the safest thing a man can do. But, Eric is a good ol’ boy and wants to find out the answer (it’s 830 rounds, by the way).

In the video demonstration below, you can see exactly what goes wrong and how it affects the weapon. So make a note, everyone. Don’t fire your AR-15 more than 830 times in quick succession, alright? Alright.