Basketball Fan Wins Miami Heat Halftime Prize; Almost DIES During The Celebration


It’s halftime at a recent Miami Heat basketball game and a young fan wins the halftime prize… Only her prize was a headache. The set-up saw her having to open a lock with a key in a prop door. And walk through it. But the door wasn’t secure and as she walked through – the thing collapsed right on top of her!

Still, she’s a bigger man than Lebron James. She just gets right back up again, smiling. Lebron would’ve hit the decked and stayed there. Rolling his big a*s about the place, pretending to be all hurt and sh*t…

You know what? If it were us? We’d have WANTED to get hurt. Take a little tap, a little scratch – all you’re getting is a complimentary t-shirt. Get hurt and fracture an arm r break an ankle…? You’re looking at compensation, man! Seriously, Miami Heat can afford it!

Miami Heat Fan Wins Halftime Prize

Get ready for it…

Miami Heat Fan Wins Halftime Prize


Miami Heat Fan Wins Halftime Prize

Oh dear, oh dear… It is CARNAGE! But she styles it out.

Check out the very near miss right here: