Watch What Happens When a 19 Year-Old Tyson Takes On a 6’5″ 250lb Beast

It’s easy for a lot of younger fight fans to think of The Hangover and the Evander Holyfield ear bite when they think of Mike Tyson. But what boxing aficionados remember is Tyson’s pitbull-like tenacity, raw aggression and sheer punching power. For many, you can forget about Muhammed Ali – Mike Tyson was the greatest boxer of all time.

If you need proof, this video demonstrates it perfectly. A David Vs. Goliath fight against a 6’5″¬†fighter who weighed in at 250lbs, Tyson could easily have been overawed taking on an opponent like Sammy Scaff. After all, ‘Iron Mike‘, as he was to become known, was still a teenager at this point.

We love MMA here, you know that. But there’s just something about the pure skill and artistry of puglisim that make boxing our all-time favorite sport…

Mike Tyson knockouts really are a thing to behold, aren’t they!?