Weirdest KO Ever? MMA Fighter Gets Knocked Out By A Ghost In The Middle Of A Fight…


Brisbane, Australia. It’s XFC28 Down Under at the Xtreme Fighting Championships and James Vake is taking on Michael McDaniel. It’s a middleweight bout and it’s going well for both fighters – it’s pretty tight.

Suddenly – we see one of the weirdest KOs or TKOs ever in a ring. A chokehold is escaped out of and both fighters are up on their feet again. Suddenly, one of them – the guy just in the hold – just collapses. From vertical to horizontal in a second. Likes he’s been KO’d by a ghost…

Looks like he should have tapped out during that hold. Only he’s clearly not got enough blood circulating around his body and it’s affecting him badly here…

MMA Fighter Collapses

We’ve never seen anything like this before.

MMA Fighter Collapses

It’s actually pretty damn scary!

MMA Fighter Collapses

Watch what happened: