Motorcyclist Turns Total Thug In This Dangerous Driving Clip


Driving can be a whole lot of fun. Whether you’re cruising around in a Ferrari, a Porsche or just an old heap that you love to throw about, it can be a blast. But there’s a flip side to being a driver. Weird things can happen. Like your ex-wife destroying your brand new truck… Oh, and douchebag┬ádrivers overtaking dangerously and veering onto your side of the road.

That’s exactly what this motorcyclist had to deal with. And he dealt with it PERFECTLY. He kept safe and showed the driver exactly what who was to blame for the incident.

We love bikes here, but we’ve seen so many things that can go wrong. Like people stealing them. Or carnage when two riders high five!

Anyway, to the Thug Life. Check it out: