BEEF! After The MTV VMAs Last Night A Crazy Celebrity Twitter War Erupted!


Twitter beef. You can’t beat it. Especially when the two online warriors are some of the world’s biggest celebrities. And we’ve got a golden example of a social media-based battle right here for you. Last night was the MTV Video Music Awards and Taylor Swift – unsurprisingly – reigned supreme.

Nicki Minaj, however, was left disappointed by her relative lack of overall success – wins and nominations-wise. Her biggest peeve? Her video for ‘Anaconda’ wasn’t nominated for Best Choreography or Video of the Year. Something she felt she had to address on the internet after the awards…

MTV VMA Awards

Here’s how it started.

DAMN! That’s some serious shade being thrown back and forth…

Pretty soon, the Twitter was escalated to the rest of the pop world as Bruno Mars stepped in with some words for Ed Sheeran. Who quickly fired back…

MTV VMA Awards

Good work, fellas.